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        Business philosophy: To explore innovation, adhere to the industry to create a well-known brand and revitalization of the national manufacturing               industry.

         Enterprise mission --- To provide the most satisfactory products and services for users
            ( To meet the international and domestic situation, the company at the beginning of the establishment, put the customer as the focus, to provide               the most satisfactory products and services for customers as the mission of the enterprise.)

        The vision ---  Ya Long companies to build the industry leader
         (the establishment of the company, the senior leadership team of social and economic conditions, market demand and industry policy, enterprise           resources, performance and other related factors were analyzed, to realize the development of steel pipe and pipe fittings industry needs, the                  needs of the market and the national industry and put forward the development direction of the company is the competition focus on the                         development of steel pipe and pipe fittings, and established the Yalong companies to build industry leader's vision).

       Enterprise culture --- After many years of cultural accumulation, is refined into the core values of "people-oriented, customer first, attention to               detail, the pursuit of excellence" of the core values.  

       People oriented --- With the development of the YaLong people focus on talent, with talent as a treasure

       Customer first ---  Always put the needs of customers in the first place, the key is to the customers as the focus, always consider who is my                     customer, the customer needs what I do, what I have done for the customer, what can I do for the customer.

       Attention to detail --- The work of the trivial but essential things. And it is such a small thing, but it reflects the level of work and quality, and even           determine the success or failure of the cause. In the fierce competition in the need to focus on the details, a good job in every thing do, the details           do better, to do more in place, who will stand firm in the fierce competition, gain the initiative. Who does not work well, the work is not perfect, it is            difficult to meet the requirements, the service is not in place, the customer is not satisfied, and ultimately lost the market.

       The pursuit of excellence --- we must work with a pursuit of excellence and constantly go beyond the self mentality, only to set up their own                   higher goals,so as to let yourself have lasting power and passion, so the achievement of a remarkable career.
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